What is Goodaff.com?

Goodaff.com is an affiliate marketing platform where anyone can promote their products or services to increase their customer count, on the other hand those who provide these products or services through the online resources available to them, can increase their business profits in a very simple and easy way.

How does Goodaff.com work?

For advertisers:

  1. Register for free
  2. Acknowledge our offered options
  3. Publish partners website on your website
  4. Earn commissions for every consumer

For publishers:

  1. Register for free
  2. Enlarge your business profit
  3. Ad your product
  4. Get new consumers

Why choose Goodaff.com?

We provide an option of a detailed analysis for each and every campaign, reliable and safe transaction accounting, transparent and easy to use platform, transparent summaries, statistics and automatic payment processing without any cost.

What is Goodday Agency and Goodday Finance?

Our team combines financial services with technological solutions, e.g. software and financial services that are oriented towards the end user.

In which countries does Gooday offer its services?

Goodday provides services in Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Georgia, Russia, Armenia, Romania, Mexico, Vietnam, Spain, Philippines, Poland, Czech Rep., Bulgaria, Moldova.

Why choose Goodday Finance?

We are being trusted by thousands of consumers in multiple countries, who have approved that our service is safe and trustworthy.